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Contatta ellena marie derosa
818 554 4570 and 714 203 4582/whatsapp
granada hills, los angeles, ca 91344, usa
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$ 29.99
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how you can buy our music videos and or dvds at cost of $29.99 including shipment.
title is: summertime in california: as to help to celebrate california with its peoples and with its wonderful sunshine. this music video was made in 1997. how we have gone to watch our loved america to go onto spending to trillions onto wars with nothing to us in america? ellena derosa comes with her sunshine songs to also help to stop wars and to stop pay our trillions onto wars. her songs are into : english, french, spanish , creole and these songs are launched to help us to stop wars. buy this now. pay to:
usbank#157516291794/rounting#122235821.email us your orders with name, address, phone, email
your choice of music video and or dvd.thanks
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