SMELLEZE Reusable Nail Salon Smell Removal Deodorizer Pouch: Kills Odor Without Chemicals in 300 Sq.

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Contatta Pradip Gopal
Alpharetta, GA, USA
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$ 24.99
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Various toxic gases like formaldehyde, ammonia and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be given off from the products routinely used in nail salons and result in severe odor problems. It could also lead to serious indoor air quality, health and safety issues. Smelleze Nail Salon Deodorizer Pouch was gets rid of toxic nail salon smells without masking them with fragrances. This will be appreciated by customers, employees and improve your business.For a breath of fresh air, simply place the reusable Smelleze pouches near nail salon odors or in return air ducts and smell the difference. To rejuvenate, simply place in direct sunlight and reuse.
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