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Contatta scott
los angeles, carlifornia, united state
$ 3,000.00
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Deliveries I highly recommend 20% Budget meds for your inventory-$1000–$1300. Also 60% of your inventory too be Mids, LIGHT DEPs.=$1500-$1700. Like These Light Dep-GSC!= $1600. With the balance of 20% going to your “Top Shelf”= Indoor, Boutique Small batch! Master Kush! AND FIRE OG. $2200. Boutique Small batch ! SFV- OG. Tahoe-OG. SkyWalker-OG!= $2400.
I was on here for years as rhinomanmeds. Got hacked, but I’m back.is an alliance of very large greenhouse and indoor growers that have over 50 years of combined success and experience in this industry.
We are strictly source and supply for you our client. We do ship, package, front or consign.
My name is scott and I can work with just about anybody that is balanced and sane.email;kruchscott4@
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