Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot For Sale.915) 444-4775

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Contatta castillodanielle66
(915) 444-4775
Lake City, Salt Lake Cty, Slc, Utah, U.S.A
$ 850.00
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Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot For Sale
Blue and Gold Macaw Parrot For Sale, Macaw Parrot For Sale. This is a large parrot with long tail feathers and mainly blue and yellow in color. The forehead is green; the upper part of the body a brilliant blue; the sides of the neck and body is golden yellow. These macaws also have black around chin and cheeks, and the naked skin of cheeks is pinkish-white with lines of very small, isolated black feathers. The blue and gold macaw has a strongly hooked beak and zygodactylous feet (2 toes that point forward and 2 toes that point backward...(915) 444-4775
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