need private investor a.s.a.p/will pay a return of double your money

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Contatta mark mcinerney
cleaveland, ms, usa
$ 0.00
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im located in cleaveland ms.38732/here they call it the delta at present houses/commercial/land is moving
fast there building hotels,convention center and other projects,they just finished filming a movie here they
call this place a diamond in the rough,amazon is coming comcast,exfinity,and other major businesses this
will be the best place in ms,in one year other states are coming here to see why and how this state is making
money imlookig for one to put up 5 million all secured by you holding deeds and ill put up my labor/materials
etc at no cost to you ill market and sell giving you atleast a return as follows,price is at $67 per sq foot to
new value when complete $95 per,but i must move fast ill sighn stating you owe noing of my work
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