Preserving Meat

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Contatta Dale R Forsyth
Buffalo, NY, US
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This ingenious methods of Preserving Meat: you’ll learn from this book will work anywhere and with any kind of meat, from pork and beef, to chicken, turkey and even lamb. The meat and all the food you’ll be preserving using these methods do not need to be in a fridge. Hence you don’t even have to cook it. Just EAT! These methods are so cheap and effective that they can reduce your monthly grocery.

How many times have you bought meat and just never got around to cook it. or you might have forgotten about it and left it there to spoil in the fridge? That’s money literally thrown in the trash can. From now on you can preserve any type of meat out there for up to 7 years… Fast and naturally!
The foods won’t take a week to be ready… In just a
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